These two interactive typing based programmes are designed to run side by side in installation on two Imacs as shown to the right

Each programme calculates and illustrates on screen through a video clip the amount of typing required to burn off the energy contained in either a tictac or a peanut respectively.

When you reset the programme a piece of text is randomly generated for you to copy. As you type it out at a steady pace the video of a person consuming a tictac or peanut plays. The duration of the video in each programme is equal to the time taken for you to burn off, through typing, the energy contained in either the tictac or peanut.
1 x tictac = 66 seconds = 8.3kJ
1 x peanut = 98 seconds = 12.3kJ

view a full screen still of tictac typing

view a full screen still of peanut typing
Produced on the Labculture Residency 15 - 22 September 2002 at Watershead, Bristol
Production assistance Duncan Speakman Thank you!