Simple Harmonic Mugs

In this DVD projection lasting 17minutes the action of the mugs swinging is reversed. The film starts with just a minimal amount of motion in the E mug on the far left. After 3.08mins it is joined in swinging by the mug to its right. After 5.30mins the green mug on the far right starts, then the yellow mug starts at 6.54mins, the blue mug at 7.17mins and the white mug at 8.56mins. By 10.13mins the small black mug has started and all the mugs are swinging together. The motion then gradually builds and builds until the 17th minute when the greatest amount of kinetic energy is observed.

The film is accompanied by a soundtrack of domestic noises. Each mug is allocated a noise which first appears when that mug starts to swing. The noises all start quietly and then increase gradually in volume as the motion increases. By the 17th minute the motion of the mugs is conducted by the rhythmic cacophony of domestic sounds.